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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad


For law enforcement agencies

Estay Bulletproof Vest Carrier is designed with the best materials in order to offer comfort, security, and protection to officers. It is made of a Cordura® fabric which provides great durability and resistance to abrasion and tear.

Similarly, Lasercut Molle system makes possible to remove equipment from duty belt and place it on the vest. This facilitates the professionals’ manoeuvrability in all situations. Evidently, it offers various adjustments to fit the body perfectly and it has two types of fasteners: central or lateral, which results in more comfort.

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Lasercut Molle system

Thanks to Lasercut Molle System, the tools on the belt can be attached to the vest, such as gloves, torch, extra clips, or handcuffs, among others. Therefore, weight is removed from the waistline which avoids hip pain, as well as increases the officers’ comfort and freedom of movement.

Cordura® fabric with abrasion and tear resistance

Estay Bulletproof Vest Carrier for security forces is made of a fabric of Cordura®, durable and with great resistance to abrasion and tear. This gives great comfort to the officers, as they are highly protected in their daily duties.

Light and comfortable

Always looking for maximum versatility, Estay Bulletproof Vest Carrier for security forces offer lightness, perfect body adjustment, great freedom of movement and comfort to carry out the most demanding activities.

Main features

of the Estay bulletproof vest sleeve

Central or lateral opening system

Estay Bulletproof Vest Carrier includes two opening systems, central or lateral, to adjust to the needs of each officer.

Adapted to the main ballistic plate brands

In order to offer maximum efficiency and security, it is 100% compatible with the most common ballistic plate brands, such as Guardian.


Estay Bulletproof Vest Carrier, thanks to its diverse adjusters, is very comfortable.

High resistance

As it is made of a fabric of Cordura®, it is durable and resistant to traction, tear, and abrasion.

Main features


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