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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad


A great option for police uniform

Estay Trousers combine a modern design with dynamic properties with the aim of meeting the needs of each police officer. They offer great resistance to abrasion and wear and tear, high breathability, and excellent ergonomics thanks to the elastic fabric, which is also included in the waist.

Moreover, they incorporate the innovative 3XDRY® technology, which makes the external face water repellent, while the internal face is hydrophilic. Their finishing provides maximum comfort in high-impact activities, in winter but also in summertime.

They can also include a removable windbreak liner to help users get protected against cold and keeping an adequate body temperature in adverse weather conditions.

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3XDRY® Technology

Estay Trousers incorporate inherent 3XDRY® treatment. Therefore, the external face is water repellent, and the internal face is hydrophilic, absorbing body humidity efficiently.

Thanks to this, great breathability is achieved. It also helps to regulate body temperature, keeping the skin dry, and avoiding cold in winter and overheating in summer.

Elastic and resistant

To complement the ergonomic design, Estay Trousers are made of elastic fabrics, which increase freedom of movement. Moreover, it offers great abrasion-resistance. The fabric has high colour fastness in order to keep the uniform sharp-looking even after numerous wash cycles.

Great comfort

Thanks to their elasticity, their finishings, and high-quality manufacture, new collection of Estay Trousers fits the body perfectly, offering maximum comfort to cope with all kinds of situations and activities.
The wider waist in the back makes the garment more comfortable in all types of movements, protecting the user against the duty-belt abrasion.

Main features

of the Estay trousers

Removable windbreak internal liner

Estay Trousers may include a windbreak removable liner which isolates users thermally against low temperatures and wind-chill effect.

Elastic waist

Estay Trousers’ elastic waist creates comfortable body adjustment.

Shirt grip

Shirt grip on the interior of the waist keeps the shirt tucked in.

Quick dry

3XDRY® treatment makes the garment dry quickly. Therefore, the garment is ready to be used again soon after washing it.

Main characteristics


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