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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

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Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad


Aldan Polo Shirts are thought to offer great ergonomics, comfort, and freedom of movement in all types of high-impact activities. Moreover, they have antibacterial fabrics and UV protection, which guarantees high comfort to officers.

Aldan Polo Shirt is made of three-dimensional fabrics and have breathable and thermal-regulation qualities, which helps the organism to keep an ideal body temperature. They are also light and easy to care.

They are available in long and short sleeve and are perfect as uniformity, as they can be used as first clothing layer for any activity.

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Thermal-regulation fabric

Aldan Polo Shirt is made of three-dimensional fabrics and has breathable and thermal-regulation qualities, which helps the organism keep an ideal body temperature whichever the weather conditions, cold or heat.

Thanks to its micro holes, that facilitate free airflow between skin and clothes, humidity and sweat are efficiently evacuated, as they expand and achieve greater evaporation surface. Thanks to it, the fabric dries sooner and the skin keeps dry, avoiding cool.

Antiseptic fabric for minimising body odour

All our polo shirts incorporate an exclusive antiseptic fabric made of silver ions, whose antibacterial properties neutralise bacteria and body odour. In this way, not only does the officers’ comfort increase during their daily activities, but also the garment’s usefulness.

Great manufacturing for higher comfort and durability

Aldan Polo Shirts for are strong and long-lasting, suitable for the most challenging activities. Its seams, clean and of high quality, offer superb aesthetic finishes, as well as endurance and comfort.

Rapid drying and non-ironing

In order to achieve greatest versatility and efficiency, Aldan Polo Shirt dries rapidly. Similarly, it does not need ironing, making its care convenient and easy.

Main characteristics

of Aldan Polo Shirt

Ergonomic design

Aldan Polo Shirts fit the body perfectly, providing great freedom of movement in high-impact situations.

UV protection

These garments count on UV protection; therefore, they block UV and UVB rays, which are both harmful for the skin.

Lateral openings

Thanks to their lateral opening, Aldan Polo Shirts are elastic, and this increases even more their comfort, which makes it an ideal garment for police use.


Our Polo Shirt is very light and it can be used as a base layer for any activity.



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