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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Partenon’s history

Forerunners in the integral supply of specialised, high-performance clothing

Design, development, and manufacture of exclusive garments

A great story for a better future

In 1958, Adriano Marques de Magallanes founded PARTENON following a family tradition in the textile industry. Since the very beginning, he realised the potential held by using synthetic materials.
In the 70s, the company focused in developing waterproof and antistatic garments destined to industrial companies e.g., automobile, electric, telephone.
At the beginning of the 80s, Partenon advocated for a new line of business which would determine the future of the company: the design and manufacture of technical clothing for security forces, with highly evolved, waterproof, and fireproof products.
New markets
In 1990 we went a step further in specialisation by designing and manufacturing uniforms and garments to police forces and firefighters. The new markets in Germany and the UK required the company to invest in cutting-edge technology and quality control protocols.
Partenon centralises its strategy around public administrations and invests heavily in R&D in order to be more efficient with manufacturing processes and the technicality of the garments.
New facilities
Partenon opens new facilities in the textile cluster of TEXVIGO, Spain.
Renewable energies
Magallanes Renovables S.L. is founded with the aim of generating renewable energy from tidal currents.
Management software
As a part of Partenon’s R&D strategy, client management software is launched to offer a comprehensive management of clients’ uniform programs.
Points-based platform
Partenon pioneers a points-based online platform in Spain with its exclusive personalised delivery service.
New management systems
Partenon implements new management systems to digitalise company processes, enhancing communication among departments and clients.
We continue innovating
Nowadays, Partenon is a market leader in integral supply of high-performance specialised uniform garments. Our services range from designing, developing, and manufacturing exclusive garments, personalised sizing and delivery services, and comprehensive after-sales support.

How do we do it?


Continuous investments in new technologies. Optimisation of resources and garment management thanks to in-house software.


Experienced and knowledgeable staff with a long track record in designing and manufacturing technical garments.


Personalised clothing depending on the specificities of the client as well as climate conditions.

In-house manufacturing

Fully in-house manufacturing processes, from design, fabric selection and cutting, to garment assembly.

Environmental commitment

Magallanes Renovables produces renewable energy from tidal currents.

We are present in 10 countries

More than 50 points-based online platforms.

In 2021, more than 250 000 law enforcement officers internationally wore Partenon garments.

Trust in us