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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad


Aldan collection for police is manufactured with the best fabrics to guarantee maximum comfort and security in any activity.

We offer all the necessary garments for police activity: high-quality duty jackets, waterproof jackets, trousers, and polo shirts.

Aldan Winter Jacket

The ideal garment to protect yourself against extreme cold without losing comfort and freedom of movement.

Aldan Waterproof Jacket

A Waterproof Jacket for adverse weather conditions. It is a versatile and comfortable garment that protects against cold, wind, and rain.

Aldan Winter Trousers

Versatile and comfortable trousers for the coldest months. The trousers’ textile composition provides great abrasion-resistance, minimises wear and tear, and it is soft to touch.

Aldan Jacket II

Manufactured with Windstopper® fabric, this jacket offers protection against the wind and water-repellence without compromising breathability.

Aldan Summer Trousers

Aldan Summer Trousers are light, resistant, and ergonomic, while allowing total freedom of movement. They are thought for the warmest months of the year, and are made of cutting-edge technical fibres.

Aldan Polo Shirts

In order to provide total freedom of movement, Aldan Polo Shirts material is breathable, comfortable, and has great moisture management qualities. Its antibacterial treatment avoids the proliferation of bacteria causing body odour.

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