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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Environmental commitment

We generate renewable energy

We belong to the group Sagres, which incorporates the business Magallanes Renovables S.L , founded in 2009. More than € 25 million have been invested since then in order to combat climate change.

Our technology generates clean and renewable energy from tidal currents.

Magallanes Renovables aims at reducing the carbon footprint by using tidal energy, which could generate up to 16% of global energy requirements.

Circular economy

We recycle our textile waste, and offer used garments’ collection service. At the same time, we help to integrate people at risk of social exclusion.

Going paperless

We aim at being paperless by 2025. In the last few years, we have reduced the use of paper in more than 70% by investing in technology and tools that allow us to use electronic signatures, digital forms, digital workflow management, and mainly by raising environmental care awareness.


One of our goals for this year is removing plastic packaging. We use recycled and recyclable materials in our packaging. Our cardboard boxes are 89% recycled. Moreover, materials come from forests certified by FSC.

Recycled garments

We are continuously developing our products to increase the number of recycled and recyclable materials.