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Bomberos y Emergencias

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Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad

Aldan Summer Trousers

Aldan Summer Trousers offer great design, dynamism, and comfort; these qualities make them ideal for the warmest months of the year. Moreover, as their external face is water repellent, the garment is suitable for all types of outdoor activities, included light or moderate raining.

Made of polyester and elastomultiester, Aldan Summer Trousers are also ergonomic, elastic, and flexible, which provides great freedom of movement in high-impact activities.

We highlight their durability, abrasion-resistance, and antibacterial properties, which increases users’ comfort, as well as their versatility and performance.

Aldan Summer Trousers may include an internal removable windproof liner, the ideal option when temperatures descend and officers need to isolate themselves from cold or wind.

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Light and elastic fabric

Aldan Summer Trousers are made of polyester and elastomultiester. This makes the garment light, elastic, flexible, and adaptable to the officers’ movements. Moreover, its smoothness increases the users’ comfort.

Furthermore, we have redesigned the trouser leg so that it is tighter and more ergonomic. They include loops with hem and button adjustment to impede dirt entrance.

Highly abrasion-resistant

Thanks to their high-quality fabrics for high-performance impact, Aldan Summer Trousers offer great abrasion resistance. This protects officers from falls or marks during their professional performance.

They also stand for their durability. Thus, colour fading is almost imperceptible.

Water repellent externally

Our Aldan Summer Trousers are water repellent externally. Thus, liquids slid the surface without penetrating internally. For the abovementioned reasons, this is an ideal garment during the warmest and light seasonal rain months of the year. Moreover, their breathability qualities achieve an excellent thermal regulation.

Main characteristics

of Aldan Summer Trousers

Antiseptic properties

Aldan Summer Trousers include an antibacterial treatment, based on silver ions, which neutralises bacteria causing body odour, and minimises their effects.

Removable Windstopper® liner

This garment may incorporate an internal removable Windstopper® liner to isolate officers thermally against low temperatures and/or wind.

Non-slip rubber

Our Aldan Summer Trousers include a non-slip and elastic rubber on the inside waist to avoid that the shirt slips.

High waistline

Aldan Summer Trousers have a slightly more elevated waistline at the back. This helps to optimise their efficiency, as the belt support is improved.



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