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Bomberos y Emergencias

Bomberos y Emergencias

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Otras fuerzas y cuerpos de seguridad


A great choice as a police uniform

Estay Jacket and Trousers for motorcycle are made of five different fabrics. On the one hand, they count on highly abrasion-resistant fabrics to protect officers and, on the other hand, they incorporate reflective details to increase night-time visibility. Moreover, they have various elastic panels to increase comfort and mobility.

These garments are also adaptable to hot and cold: a removable and elastic windbreaker liner isolates thermally from low temperatures, while abrasion-resistant mesh fabrics offer a ventilation system when it is warmer.

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Abrasion and impact resistance

In order to protect joints and reduce the consequences of a fall or accident, Estay Jackets and Trousers for motorcycle include protections in elbows, shoulders, back, knees and hips. As they are made of polyurethane foam, they are comfortable, as they soften with body heat but instantly become rigid in case of impact.

The main fabrics are highly abrasion-resistant to protect the rider in case of fall.

Reflective properties

Estay Motorcyle Jacket and Trousers incorporate innovative reflective fabrics and details, making officers more visible during dark hours. The abrasion-resistant fabric panels, incorporating a high- quality reflective yarn, become reflective in low-light conditions.

Elasticity and comfort

Estay Motorcycle Jacket and Trousers have elastic fabric panels to increase freedom of movement. Therefore, the garments do not only protect the users effectively, but also increase their comfort considerably.

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of Estay motorbike jacket and trousers

Removable windbreak liner

The Jacket incorporates a removable and elastic windbreak liner protects users against wind-chill effect, and helps to maintain an ideal body temperature.

Mesh fabric

In order to adapt to warmer temperatures, the Jacket and Trousers incorporate an abrasion-resistant mesh for maximum ventilation.


Estay Motorcycle Jacket and Trousers are equipped with various adjusters for perfect fit.

Internal flap

Behind the front zipper of the Jacket, a wind protector flap provides the rider additional shield against wind.

Main features


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